Learning a language, the self-directed Eurovision way

I learnt French from Céline Dion. No, really. To be fair, I had previously completed the equivalent of three years of secondary level French as a teenager. However, our teachers weren’t stellar: we learnt one tense (indicative) and another quasi-tense (the equivalent of “I’m gonna”, i.e. the near future). Not much vocabulary. As a result […]

#Eurovision 2019: Aussie Aussie Aussie (why why why)

As has been a trend in recent years, one of the semifinal winners triumphed on Saturday night. As the credits rolled on Tuesday, many pundits rightly assumed that Kate Miller-Heidke’s Zero Gravity had a lot of momentum. And they were right. Australia won the first semi-final, only to finish ninth in the Grand Final. National […]

#Eurovision 2019 Semi-Final One: an Analysis

As is tradition, the EBU released the detailed scores from all three competitions as this year’s Grand Final came to a close. John Egan drills down into the numbers for the first semi-final. In our analysis of the Grand Final draw we surmised either Greece or Australia won the first semi-final. Indeed it was Kate […]

#Eurovision 2019: Did the Cheap-and-Cheerful Qualification metric hold up?

In a recent article, we postulated: What emerges quickly is that entries ranked in the top 5 of either the jury or televote rankings of their semi-final qualifies for that year’s Grand Final. Well…we now have the full results from the semi-finals. Let’s see if the method held up. Semi-final One For this semi-final we […]

#Eurovision 2019: the Grand Final Results

As another Eurovision season comes to a close, John Egan crunches some of the numbers from this year’s Grand Final. There are some surprises! For the second year in a row the bookies’ favourite has triumphed: congratulations to the Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence, whose Arcade joins the list of Eurovision champions. Duncan and his songwriting colleagues […]

What the 2019 #Eurovision Grand Final Draw might tell us

In the days of the random Eurovision draw, there was a sort of fatalism amongst fans and delegations. Since 2013, the producers have largely determined the draw and many have worried about potential biases in favour of some delegations over others. Now that we know the performance order for Saturday’s Grand Final, we decided to […]

With Russia with love: the Russian coat tail theory

Since 2000 Russia has been a Eurovision powerhouse…mostly: one win, runner-up four times, and five other top 10 results. 2018 was the first time they failed to qualify for a Grand Final. For 2019 they have queued up Sergey Lazarev, who finished third in 2016 with You Are the Only One. Amazing staging, great performance, […]

Predicting #Eurovision Grand Final Qualifiers: A Cheap and Cheerful Method

Over a fortnight in the Eurovision “bubble”—the press room, which is mostly fan press until the second week—there are all sorts of folks trying to predict results. Who win will? Which pre-Contest favourite will do a Kate Ryan: crash and burn out of its semi-final? Which wee country will do a Rossinelli: finally qualify for […]

A Cheap and Cheerful Method data

All Data 2010   S1 Televote Jury S2 Televote Jury 1 Belgium Greece  Belgium Turkey  Azerbaijan Georgia 2 Greece  Iceland  Portugal Azerbaijan  Turkey Turkey 3 Iceland Belgium Greece Georgia Romania Azerbaijan 4 Portugal  Russia Albania Romania Denmark Israel 5 Serbia Serbia  Bosnia and Herzegovina Denmark Georgia  Armenia 6 Albania     Armenia     7 […]

2019 #Eurovision jurors by the numbers

The EBU have released the list of all 205 jurors for this year’s Eurovision. For perhaps the first time, all of the names are provided: usually there are perhaps a handful of delegations missing a name. Rather than conduct an exhaustive analysis, here’s a few highlights: There are slightly more men (111) than women (94). […]