Strongest, toughest ever? 2018’s first #Eurovision semi-final in context

“Brutal.” “A bloodbath.” “So unfair.” “Toughest semi-final in history.” These were but a few of the comments made in the Lisbon bubble about the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest first semi-final. The overwhelming consensus was that Tuesday’s line-up of entries was much stronger, there were more than 10 entries deserving of a place in this year’s […]

Victory and the Russophone bloc in the #eurovision Grand Final

Does said membership disproportionately benefit a 12 member Russophone bloc’s preferred entry? Click through for a lengthy analysis!

#eurovision 2018 Grand Final Analysis

the 2018 Grand Final result was clear and unremarkable. John Egan takes a look at some of the numbers.

Lisbon 2018 Retrospective: Semi-Final Two #eurovision #allaboard

The first 2018 semi-final offered an embarrassment of riches: there being a sense of disappointment with what would follow on Thursday seemed inevitable. But even with a lowered set of expectations, what was delivered on Thursday felt, with a few exceptions underwhelming. There was another element to the luck of the 2018 draw that seemed […]

Lisbon 2018 Retrospective: Semi-Final One

There are few aspects of the Eurovision for which a consensus view emerges. But in 2018 there seemed to be one: that the first semi-final had more than 10 qualification-worthy entries. A corollary of this is that the second semi-final only had a handful of strong entries. This imbalance was accidental—due to the random allocation […]

Updated #eurovision League table for 2018

We have updated the league table page with the 2018 results. Click here to see what’s shifted.

Bubbly Bubbly Bubbly Euro(vision)

A sane person to an insane society must appear insane Kurt Vonnegut So. The Eurovision. Yes, that Eurovision, that thing that just happened in Lisbon. The one that appears to be heading towards Tel Aviv Jerusalem next year. It was awesome. And also a bit terrible. A bit. This was the first time I’ve spent […]

Radio, print, gawd knows what else

As the fortnight wraps up here in Lisbon–two more nights of shows and we will have our 2018 champion–I thought I’d update some of the press work I’ve done elsewhere. But first kudos to the Portuguese-led team who’ve done a good job organising things. I think the Grand Final has too long an opener, but […]

Semi-final two serviette of death

This is not as strong a semi-final. There were six obvious ones to me and then seven more competing for four places. But here it is: Norway, Romania, Russia, Moldova, Australia, Poland, Malta, Hungary, Sweden and Ukraine. If you can, please vote for Russia. She’s being exploited, unfairly so. And there’s a dearth of excellence […]

Semi-final one serviette of death

As is tradition here in the bubble, we each make our predictions for semi-final qualifiers and (once we have the Grand Final list confirmed) a top 10 for Saturday night. This year we have a semi-final that will be a bloodbath (too many great entries that deserve a slot), another where I struggle to name […]