Hello! Bonjour! Dia huit! Kia ora!

My name is John Egan and I am 58 points. No, really. I do everything: the writing, the site maintenance, the social presence. It’s all me.

If my name rings a bell, it’s perhaps because of some of the writing I’ve done about the Eurovision for ESCInsight.com. Like this one, or that one (of which I’m still rather proud), or even that one (sadly out of date after Vienna). In a previous life I wrote for ESCToday.com. Even did a bit of writing for theadvocate.com about the Contest.

In my day job I’m an academic.I live in Auckland New Zealand, but am in my heart a Canuck. I miss the shows being on at noon (Vancouver time) rather than 07h (Auckland time). Who likes to be up at 06h on a Sunday morning?

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