League Table

Our scoring system

We start in 1997 because that’s when the public first played a role in selecting the winner. It’s worth noting that

The scoring itself is blindingly simple:

  1. Victory: 5 points
  2. Runner-up: 4 points
  3. Third: 3 points
  4. Fourth: 2 points
  5. Fifth: 1 point

If there was a tie for points in any given year, the rules from that year for tiebreaking were used to create the league table.

Here’s the overall scoreboard:

Year First Second Third Fourth Fifth
1997 UK Ireland Turkey Italy Cyprus
1998 Israel UK Malta Netherlands Croatia
1999 Sweden Iceland Germany Croatia Israel
2000 Denmark Russia Latvia Estonia Germany
2001 Estonia Denmark Greece France Sweden
2002 Latvia Malta UK Estonia France
2003 Turkey Belgium Russia Norway Sweden
2004 Ukraine Serbia & Montenegro Greece Turkey Cyprus
2005 Greece Malta Romania Israel Latvia
2006 Finland Russia Bosnia & Hercegovina Romania Sweden
2007 Serbia Ukraine Russia Turkey Bulgaria
2008 Russia Ukraine Greece Armenia Norway
2009 Norway Iceland Azerbaijan Turkey UK
2010 Germany Turkey Romania Denmark Azerbaijan
2011 Azerbaijan Italy Sweden Ukraine Denmark
2012 Sweden Russia Serbia Azerbaijan Albania
2013 Denmark Azerbaijan Ukraine Norway Russia
2014 Austria Netherlands Sweden Armenia Hungary
2015 Sweden Russia Italy Belgium Australia
2016 Ukraine Australia Russia Bulgaria Sweden
2017 Portugal Bulgaria Moldova Belgium Sweden

This converts to the following league table:

Rank Country Total Notes
1 Russia 31
2 Sweden 25
3 Ukraine 23
4 Denmark 21
5 Turkey 18
6 Azerbaijan 15
7 Greece 14
8 UK 13
9 Norway 10
10 Latvia 9 One win, one 3rd, one fifth
10 Germany 9 One win, one 3rd, one fifth

In terms of most victories, Sweden has three; Ukraine and Denmark each have two. Sweden remains one victory shy of tying Ireland for the most wins ever (7). However all of Ireland’s victories were jury based: half of Sweden’s six victories have been in the televoting era.