Semi-final two serviette of death

This is not as strong a semi-final. There were six obvious ones to me and then seven more competing for four places.

But here it is: Norway, Romania, Russia, Moldova, Australia, Poland, Malta, Hungary, Sweden and Ukraine.

If you can, please vote for Russia. She’s being exploited, unfairly so. And there’s a dearth of excellence in tonight’s show so you won’t be depriving anyone of high quality a spot in doing so.

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  1. Martin says:

    Sorry but that’s not a good enough reason to vote for a country. Voting for Russia for that reason is ridiculous and would deprive another artist who can actually sing live and has better staging of a place. All the other seven acts you don’t mention, even San Marino, are far, far better than Julia and I will be appalled if Russia qualifies, given the vocals I heard at the Jury SF last night…

    • John says:


      • Martin says:

        Intelligent comeback there…

        I am sure that Julia was indeed dumped on by her country and the Russian delegation therefore reaped what they sowed, a DNQ, allowing something far more deserving to get to the Final…

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