What the 2019 #Eurovision Grand Final Draw might tell us

In the days of the random Eurovision draw, there was a sort of fatalism amongst fans and delegations. Since 2013, the producers have largely determined the draw and many have worried about potential biases in favour of some delegations over others. Now that we know the performance order for Saturday’s Grand Final, we decided to […]

Strongest, toughest ever? 2018’s first #Eurovision semi-final in context

“Brutal.” “A bloodbath.” “So unfair.” “Toughest semi-final in history.” These were but a few of the comments made in the Lisbon bubble about the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest first semi-final. The overwhelming consensus was that Tuesday’s line-up of entries was much stronger, there were more than 10 entries deserving of a place in this year’s […]

Victory and the Russophone bloc in the #eurovision Grand Final

Does said membership disproportionately benefit a 12 member Russophone bloc’s preferred entry? Click through for a lengthy analysis!

Bye Bye Borda?

Since 1975 the Eurovision Song Contest has used the same point allocation system: a version of a Borda count. For the first 20 years of the Contest, all sorts of other scoring—and point allocation—systems were tried. The quadruple tie in 1969 led to a mini-boycott the following year, in fact. Thus in Vienna we saw […]

Null points 2015

For the first time in the semi-final era we have seen null points in a Grand Final. In fact, for the first time in decades two entries received no points: Ann-Sophie’s Black Smoke for Germany, and The Make Makes I’m Yours, for host country Austria. In this article I take a look at how these (zero) scores came about, some of the unintended consequences of the combined televoting/jury scoring system in play, and crunch the numbers a different way.

A Million Votes: Interesting Splits and Bloc Voting, Part One (Russia)

For the first time our televote winner (Italy) lost to the juries’ favourite (Sweden). Meanwhile, in second place lies Russia. In this article I take a look at where Polina Gagarina’s support came from. There are a number of surprises!

To qualify or not to qualify: why the Big 5 should consider entering the semi-finals

Do you think the songs that automatically qualify for the Grand Final are disadvantaged because we don’t hum along to them for a few days before Saturday’s show?