Strongest, toughest ever? 2018’s first #Eurovision semi-final in context

“Brutal.” “A bloodbath.” “So unfair.” “Toughest semi-final in history.” These were but a few of the comments made in the Lisbon bubble about the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest first semi-final. The overwhelming consensus was that Tuesday’s line-up of entries was much stronger, there were more than 10 entries deserving of a place in this year’s […]

Victory and the Russophone bloc in the #eurovision Grand Final

Does said membership disproportionately benefit a 12 member Russophone bloc’s preferred entry? Click through for a lengthy analysis!

Eurovision 2016 Semi-Final One: Crunching the Numbers

After a decent (nearly two months long) post-Eurovision break, here at we are ready to dust off our calculators and typewriters and reboot the site. That wee voice is once again whispering in the back of our heads “there are data, lots of data.” We certainly love our data. We will start our reboot […]

Stalin = victory (ESCInsight)

My latest for ESCInsight – which considers the extent to which Stalin might have tipped the public in Jamala’s favour–can be found here.

2016 Grand Final: It All Adds Up

In this next article in our series looking back at the 2016 Contest we examine the overall Grand Final results. We identify the winners (yes, plural), and highlight how differential jury and televote scores are no longer squashed to the bottom of the leader board.

2016 Grand Final and Anti-Russian jury bias

Doubtless the PR machine around Europe’s favourite Song Contest loved the potential in a Russia versus Ukraine narrative. Since Jamala’s win, there have been some who think anti-Russian bias explains their loss. The data tell a different story…

Ukraine, Russia and Australia: my analysis for

I’ve done some analysis of this year’s top 3 over at ESCinsight. com Take a look.

moonlighting at ESCInsight: When Strangers are Coming

Still write the odd piece for ESCInsight (a grand group of people). My latest was an analysis of how widespread resonance for the message of 1944 might be across the Eurovision televoting public. As a child of the Irish diaspora, it certainly does. We grew listening to traditional music and a fair bit of nationalist […]

What the 2016 Grand Final draw might tell us

In the dark of night they worked, cobbling together performance data, considering delegate importance and personalities, and calling upon their extensive experience as light entertainment producers to create something magical. But what does this year’s producer-led draw tell us?

Semi-Final Two 2016: Debriefed

For those disinclined to click back, here’s what our highly pseudo-scientific model predicted for semi-final one: Excellent: Ukraine (15.63 points), Serbia (13.46), Macedonia (12.92), Bulgaria (11.99), Lithuania (11.93), Israel (11.17), Norway (10.28), Ireland (9.88), Poland (9.71) and Georgia (9.38). And our qualifiers were all the excellent (as in prospects to qualify—we’re not claiming these are […]