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This was just pure joy.

Metaphoric expression at the Eurovision (via ESCInsight)

I’ve written an extensive piece on the sophisticated use of metaphor to win the Eurovision, over at ESCInsight. Take a look!

Ukraine, Russia and Australia: my analysis for

I’ve done some analysis of this year’s top 3 over at ESCinsight. com Take a look.

moonlighting at ESCInsight: When Strangers are Coming

Still write the odd piece for ESCInsight (a grand group of people). My latest was an analysis of how widespread resonance for the message of 1944 might be across the Eurovision televoting public. As a child of the Irish diaspora, it certainly does. We grew listening to traditional music and a fair bit of nationalist […] Is Eurovision above politics?

I’ve contributed to an article about politics at the Eurovision for my mates over at Take a look!