With Russia with love: the Russian coat tail theory

Since 2000 Russia has been a Eurovision powerhouse…mostly: one win, runner-up four times, and five other top 10 results. 2018 was the first time they failed to qualify for a Grand Final. For 2019 they have queued up Sergey Lazarev, who finished third in 2016 with You Are the Only One. Amazing staging, great performance, […]

Strongest, toughest ever? 2018’s first #Eurovision semi-final in context

“Brutal.” “A bloodbath.” “So unfair.” “Toughest semi-final in history.” These were but a few of the comments made in the Lisbon bubble about the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest first semi-final. The overwhelming consensus was that Tuesday’s line-up of entries was much stronger, there were more than 10 entries deserving of a place in this year’s […]

Victory and the Russophone bloc in the #eurovision Grand Final

Does said membership disproportionately benefit a 12 member Russophone bloc’s preferred entry? Click through for a lengthy analysis!

Lisbon 2018 Retrospective: Semi-Final Two #eurovision #allaboard

The first 2018 semi-final offered an embarrassment of riches: there being a sense of disappointment with what would follow on Thursday seemed inevitable. But even with a lowered set of expectations, what was delivered on Thursday felt, with a few exceptions underwhelming. There was another element to the luck of the 2018 draw that seemed […]

The peculiarities of a “landslide” #eurovision victory

Portugal’s 2017 victory was a landmark: a first victory after 50 attempts, a non-English language victory for only the second time in the televote era, and the first aligned victory (in terms of jury and public rankings) since 2014. All of which makes for a comprehensive victory…unless all is not necessarily as it seems, if you dig a bit deeper. So dig we have. Or at least tried

on boycotts

While this site is focused on data derived from the Eurovision, we are not inured to other developments around the Contest. The Ukrainian decision is incredibly short sighted. But this also highlights how the EBU needs to get its own house in order. A condition of hosting should be the granting of accreditation to delegations […]

2016 Grand Final and Anti-Russian jury bias

Doubtless the PR machine around Europe’s favourite Song Contest loved the potential in a Russia versus Ukraine narrative. Since Jamala’s win, there have been some who think anti-Russian bias explains their loss. The data tell a different story…

Ukraine, Russia and Australia: my analysis for

I’ve done some analysis of this year’s top 3 over at ESCinsight. com Take a look.

A scattering of votes: a brief look at diaspora and their impact at the Eurovision

I am a child of diaspora; second generation Irish, a “plastic Paddy” as described by some. Both my Dad’s parents were from Ireland (Offaly and Galway, to be more precise): we played Irish sports after school, attended community events, and a (Roman Catholic) church that was mostly Irish. We grew up immersed in Irish music […]

A Million Votes: Interesting Splits and Bloc Voting, Part One (Russia)

For the first time our televote winner (Italy) lost to the juries’ favourite (Sweden). Meanwhile, in second place lies Russia. In this article I take a look at where Polina Gagarina’s support came from. There are a number of surprises!