The 2017 Semi-Final results: a review

As we await clarification about the dates (hopefully identical to 2017), city (hopefully Lisbon), and venue (hopefully MEO Arena) for 2018, we’ve drilled down a bit into the fortunes of this year’s semi-finalists. There were 18 songs competing in each semi-final and half of the pre-qualified countries’ juries and public also voted in each. Therefore, […]

Eurovision 2016 Semi-Final One: Crunching the Numbers

After a decent (nearly two months long) post-Eurovision break, here at we are ready to dust off our calculators and typewriters and reboot the site. That wee voice is once again whispering in the back of our heads “there are data, lots of data.” We certainly love our data. We will start our reboot […]

2016 Semi-Final Two Prediction: Our Infinitely Reliable Non-Scientific Model

We have one semi-final behind us and the next looms large. Whilst 80 per cent accuracy isn’t bad, the perfectionists at aspire to, well, perfection. But we are sticking with our 2016 model to see if it does any better on a second go-round. As described previously we have tried to build a model […]

Semi-Final One 2016: Debriefed

Our highly sophisticated prediction model scored 8/10. Not a bad result, but not perfect. So…what happened?

2016 Semi-Final One Prediction: Our Infinitely Reliable Non-Scientific Model

As the 2016 Eurovision season got underway in December, information about artists, songs and presentation (or staging, if you prefer) have been dribbling out; throughout this period, the ESC fan community has developed its impressions of each entry. Many become convinced about who the winner will be after a national final or entry début. Once […]

Quick thoughts on the 2016 non-draw

Mere hours before the final tranche of tickets for this year’s Eurovision go on sale (good luck punters; use multiple browsers!), we have learned the dreadful “producer-led” draw for this year’s two semi-finals…